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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jennifer Morrison - leather, mini-skirts and boots

The lovely Jennifer Morrison stars in the wildly popular medical drama House, M.D. If you're not a fan (and to be honest Hugh Laurie's accent can grate on the nerves) then you can also catch her in Mr and Mrs Smith, a couple of Dawson's Creek episodes and the unnerving Stir of Echoes.

These pictures were pointed out to me by long-time collaborator Trent and they certainly succeed on the kinky front; tiny leather skirts, metal spiked stiletto boots, little string! I owe Trent a debt of gratitude for unearthing these gems!


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  • Damn! She`s fine. I have no idea who she is but i`d like to find out! ;);)

    By Blogger funkyphil, at 12:44 am  

  • Hellooooo Nurse!
    or...Wuzzzzzzupppp Doctress!

    If that is what's nder the Dr, scrubs....she can play Dr. with me ANYTIME...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:40 pm  

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