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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

S-Club 7 Girls in PVC

S-Club 7 may be disbanded now, but their legacy lives on. The girls were always the highlight of this bubbly troupe, and they look even better than usual in this fab clip. There's PVC, leather, platform stilettoes and Hannah wears some very special PVC thigh boots. Definitely one to savour :)

Sorry about the VHS video quality. Does anyone have a better cap? Let me know!

Download (512x384 - 19.0MB):




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  • Is Hannah available (in that outfit) for home delivery?

    Nice post!

    By Anonymous DeepDown, at 8:41 am  

  • One of the most memorable things I've ever seen on tv - the only time I really wished I was Leslie Grantham! :)
    But I can't get any joy from the links and further investigation has given me nothing. I'd love to see this again if it's out there.

    By Anonymous steev, at 1:10 am  

  • OK, so I didn't look very hard:
    Hannah was always my favourite and her she looks absolutely stunning - what a hot outfit!

    By Anonymous steev, at 1:20 am  

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