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Friday, December 22, 2006

Shania Twain - black catsuit

[Updated - replaced low quality image with UHQ copy, courtesy of noncotton. Thanks!]

Shania Twain is one of the few Country music 'cross-over' artists, a short list that also includes the gorgeous LeAnn Rimes. Although she's been out of the limelight for a little while I thought that was no reason not to post this image of her, nicely wrapped up in a shiny black catsuit.


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  • Love the catsuit, hate the shoes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:02 pm  

  • Hi,

    this blog is awesome. I think this catsuit is made of lycra, not latex?!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:26 pm  

  • Definitely not latex. Lycra or similar.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:24 pm  

  • That's lycra-spandex, not latex, but that's okay.

    You know, it's interesting though: Shania has worn latex quite a lot - in music videos, in concerts, and in magazine pictorial spreads. Most interestingly, she wore a latex top for an interview in her home, once. One can't help wondering whether hubby John Robert "Mutt" Lange has a fetish she's supporting.

    By Anonymous Gomez, at 7:27 pm  

  • have a look at this hq one:

    By Anonymous noncotton, at 9:28 pm  

  • Love the pic. Would love to see the interview at her home with the latex top.

    By Anonymous Colatex, at 1:04 am  

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I agree, it's definitely not latex, so sorry about the original post. I've updated it now with noncotton's ultra hi-res version of the picture and changed the wording.

    Kind regards,


    By Blogger kgerlinky, at 1:57 am  

  • Wow! What a picture! Excellant work.
    Merry Christmas to all Kinky Gerlinky! May the kinkyness continue for a long time to come,

    By Blogger funkyphil, at 10:19 pm  

  • found a pic from the interview, but are still searching for the vid!

    By Anonymous noncotton, at 2:06 pm  

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