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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Alicia Keys - smokin' hot PVC thigh boots

Joe Carnahan's first film Narc just blew me away. From the opening hand-held shot to the tense conclusion, it was challenging and hard-hitting stuff, but with characters who felt much more than action movie cyphers. Well, the director's latest film, Smokin' Aces, is out, and it promises more action, but with a lighthearted undercurrent, too.

Here are some promo and behind-the-scenes shots from the film with one of its stars Alicia Keys. Alicia plays an assassin who impersonates a call girl. I just adore those PVC boots!


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  • I sent Kinky a new photos of Ms Keys. I hope it is of some use. Oddly, most of her photos have a 'Cowgirl' theme for some reason.

    By Blogger Frito, at 3:10 pm  

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