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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Erica Durance - red PVC catsuit

If you're a Smallville fan, I bet that title got your attention! These are from the forthcoming episode 'Combat'.


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  • Hi, this episode doesnt air till March 22nd in America so only a little wait. If you check out and go tto episodes / spoliers / and look for the epsiode called COMBAT they have many great pics of her in the catsuit :)

    By Anonymous Colatex, at 12:17 am  

  • Pefect! Love those last two :) For anyone wanting to check the video out i'll track down the video once it's aired and cut all the shiny scenes together so KG can post it :)

    By Anonymous Colatex, at 8:33 am  

  • There is a link in the forums to the catsuit scenes from the video.. i'm also about to upload a High-Def version too :D

    By Anonymous Colatex, at 6:35 am  

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