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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kate Moss - what a waist!

[Updated December 16th 2007 - added two images from the Longchamp site, courtesy of Michael]

Too often, celebrities appear to wear corsets just for show, and although it's always nice for us afficionados, it's also a disappointment to see them so loosely laced. That's why today's images are so refreshing; in my mind Kate has never looked so desirable than in this tightly laced corset.

Sorry about the imperfection in the second image, but I hope you'll agree that they're still well worth the download.


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  • I did the best I could when I tore out that second image for scanning. Unfortunately I just couldn't get a clean tear.

    No need to rub it in! *cries*

    By Blogger Aarkey, at 10:00 pm  

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