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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Alicia Silverstone - latex dress

[Updated January 6th 2008 - more images and alternative shots added, thanks to Anne, Del, Mailman, Craig, 'J' and lucious leatherlover]

It's time again for a favourite set of mine. These images are from a number of years ago, but their beauty never fades. Alicia Silverstone was at the height of her fame when these were taken and I don't believe she's ever looked more stunning.

And please, if you have any other shots or can source some HQ versions let me know!

New Images!


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  • Ah, some classic pics! Never seen the third and fourth ones before, though, so thanks for posting those!

    By Blogger Deep Down & Kinky, at 8:04 am  

  • Awesome photos. In the second one her tight ass looks amazing in that supertight latex dress! Thanks for these!

    By Anonymous LateXx, at 5:29 pm  

  • Here's another one:

    Also here's an uncropped version of the second one:

    By Anonymous lusciousleatherlover, at 6:48 pm  

  • argh, links don't show up, i'll just email it

    By Anonymous luciousleatherlover, at 6:50 pm  

  • Wonderful!
    I would never have thought to catch these pictures again. Thank You!

    It's so sad that this wonderful girls career didn't go as planed. To much partying i guess.

    Saw her on 'Batman+Robin' no long ago. Shouldn't have. Luckily there was Uma Thurman running the show.

    By Blogger ramzahn, at 3:10 pm  

  • Stubba Bubba

    By Anonymous D man, at 8:49 pm  

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