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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christina Ricci - latex leggings

A pleasant backdrop for you today - the delectable Christina Ricci in some cut-off leggings.


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  • I am sorry to have to say this but its pvc and not latex,... but its a great pic anyways :)

    By Blogger Rimi, at 5:41 pm  

  • How can you tell? It looks like latex to me ...

    Love the leggings - shame about the top (which makes her look like a little girl, and which I personally find a bit disturbing! ;-) )

    By Blogger spindizzy, at 7:49 pm  

  • It's impossible to tell if it's latex or PVC from that photo. Either way, it's very nice photo and I wish there were more from the same set.

    Ricci is absolutely stunning (both looks and acting).

    By Blogger zone_d, at 5:25 am  

  • Well, having had latex clothes for at least 15 years my eye is trained to notice things like these,... but, I know you will not take that as a fact so I am going to try to explain what gave this away.

    If you look at where the leggings end, if it were latex you would not be able to differentiate between skin and cloth. What I mean is that pvc is thicker than latex and hence you get a curb. I am non-english so bare with me haha :)

    This would of course not be enough so if you look at the seam which goes along her thighs, that is a pvc seam and not a latex seam.

    It is of course difficult to see but my eye are telling me with a 100% certainity that these are pvc. I hope this helps :)

    By Blogger Rimi, at 7:35 am  

  • I'm also leaning to PVC but the leggings ends looks like they are folded so it could be latex also.

    However, as a cynic, I think that they would make a bigger deal of it if it would be latex.

    By Blogger zone_d, at 9:15 am  

  • I don't think it's pvc, the seams along the thigh look folded not sewn.

    the shine isn't anything of pvc

    the way it's folding at her knees seems uncharacteristic of pvc

    I don't know for sure either, but my leaning is to latex, not skin tight mind you, but it's a tight pair

    By Blogger Nofate301, at 5:34 pm  

  • Of course, people have the right to their opinion. Mine is that it is not latex and I guess we can agree on disagreeing then :)

    By Blogger Rimi, at 8:18 am  

  • We can't say from image its PVC or latex.To me its look like latex..

    By Anonymous Latex Clothing, at 11:40 am  

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