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Monday, June 05, 2006

Girls Aloud - heels and corsets

Time for another music video post. This time around it's foxy fivesome Girls Aloud and their single Biology. What starts out as a pretty typical video hots up no end at around 1:42 when the girls don some great outfits. Tight skirts, wide belts and even a corset on Nicola are on display, which is just fine by me. I'm also convinced that Kimberley is wearing a corset underneath her blouse - those lines are just unmistakable.

As before, I've spent hours uploading a hi-res version for you bandwidth hogs, but I've also included a YouTube version for those who maybe want to check it out first. In addition I have taken some stills from the video for those who just want pics!

Before I forget, the very observant amongst you may be able to spot the girls wearing seamed stockings (a personal favourite of mine) when they're dressed in their pink gowns, from about 45 seconds in. Now if only I had an even higher resolution version... :)

Download (720x576 - 141MB):



(Kimberley is second from the right in the first three stills.)




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