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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar - suede thigh boots

American horror remakes are commonplace now, thanks to the post-Scream resurgence in audiences demanding gory thrills and chills. From first class examples like Dawn of the Dead and The Hills Have Eyes to less accomplished fare such as The Amityville Horror and House on Haunted Hill, there's certainly no sign of any let-up.

For the longest time Japanese ghost stories - mostly based on actual local myths and traditional tales - were ignored, but that changed, too, with high-profile remakes of The Ring (from the original Ringu) and The Grudge (from Ju-On). Both suffered from their Americanisation (indeed The Ring was guilty of pretty much battering the audience with blatant symbolism and patronising them nearly to the point of comedy).

However, The Grudge fared better. It's a smaller film, focussing on characters and a most unusual haunting. The remake is directed by the original helmer of the Japanese film (unlike The Ring), and it's virtually a shot-for-shot copy. That's no bad thing, though, when your subject matter seriously gets under your skin. Pale-faced kids have never been more terrifying! Of course, being a purist, I'd recommend the original - there's just something about it (no stars, low budget, nail-on-comb sound effects, better atmosphere) that makes it stand head and shoulders above its US counterpart.

Anyway, all this is a long-winded segue into today's post. The star of The Grudge is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was also the subject of yesterday's entry. To be honest yesterday jogged my memory about these pics and I knew I had to post them before I forgot again :)

The pics are from a Grudge premiere and the kink on display is a particular fetish of mine - thigh boots. I don't know what it is about them, but they drive me to distraction! These could do with being a bit higher in the heel, but they're still gorgeous.

There's an extra portrait shot of Sarah in there, too. Why? Because she's pretty, that's why. Just imagine the boots!



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