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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Neve Campbell in corset and high heels - HQ images

[Update - original resolution HQ images available in this post]

Well, it looks like yesterday's Neve Campbell post was a little premature. No sooner had I made it than I came across the entire shoot in high quality. And you know what a stickler I am for quality. Anyway, sorry for the wasted entry yesterday, but I hope this makes up for it. You get a much better view of those great stilettoes for a start :)

Thanks to 'A' for sending one of these pics in today. I hope you enjoy the set.

By the way, these images range in size from 1.2MB to 2.9MB. You may want to go make a cup of tea while these are downloading!

[Images removed]



  • What new high res pics, where?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:50 pm  

  • The images are between the main text and my signature.

    Make sure you're not blocking the '' domain - I had to use an alternative host for the images this time around because they were so large.

    By Blogger kgerlinky, at 6:00 pm  

  • These images are about 500KB, not 1.2MB to 2.9MB, they're still HQ anyway

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:28 am  

  • Thanks for the heads-up. It looks like AllYouCanUpload have resized the images. I'll repost them to another provider and let everyone know.

    By Blogger kgerlinky, at 9:05 am  

  • OK, I've posted the images to a different provider. Hopefully they won't muck around with them! I won't be touching again :(

    By Blogger kgerlinky, at 11:53 pm  

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