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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Madonna - corset and pony play!

Madonna has been reinventing herself - both in her musical style and her appearance - for so long that I don't know whether she's actually person or product.

However, she's no stranger to controversy, and one subject that Madonna hasn't been afraid to broach is that of sexuality and fetishism. Whether she's just playing on our repressed desires or not, her stage shows are brazen and unrestrained. And speaking of restraint, Luiz sent in a link showing her in as a horse trainer (complete with crop and corset), playing domme to her dancers. Shame they're guys :(

Thanks for the link, Luiz!


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  • Do you know that I don't saw the pony harnesses? Just the corset... LOL

    By Anonymous Luiz, at 1:48 pm  

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