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Friday, November 17, 2006

Christina Aguilera - corset and ballet boots

Christina's latest video - 'Hurt' - was posted here a few days ago. I managed to find a couple of high res images from it that showcase those special ballet heels and her lovely corset. Now if only all circus artists looked like that!

I'd also like to take the opportunity of welcoming Esthree as a contributor to the blog. We really 'clicked' in our email conversations and are very much on the same wavelength. I have every confidence that his contributions will be of a high standard and thank him for offering to post here. I hope you'll all make him feel welcome.


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  • You can find those shoes / boots at any fetish website or store. However I do have to say that while they look amazing they are realy hard to walk in. Mostly you just stand there and pretty, ;)

    By Blogger SierraNightTide, at 10:39 pm  

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