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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rachel Bilson - Little Miss Vixen (images and video)

[Updated May 27th 2008 - re-uploaded clip 3]

Rachel Bilson is the personification of cute. She became every geek's dream girl playing nerdy Seth Cohen's girlfriend Summer Roberts in The O.C. When you see what she models here you can see why! She's looks 100% true superheroine in a PVC mini skirt, fishnets, a corset and secret-identity-preserving mask :)

These images and clips are from the second season of the show.


Clip 1 (624x352 - 24.4MB):

Clip 1 Stills:

Clip 2 (624x352 - 4.2MB):

Clip 2 Stills:

Clip 3 (624x352 - 21.4MB):

Clip 3 Stills:



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