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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forums Down...again

The company which hosts my forums is having yet more difficulties keeping the site up for more than five minutes at a time. I'd like to apologise for the interruption, especially as I imagine many of you are looking for an alternative to the endless World Cup coverage on your tellyboxes. I've raised yet another support ticket, had a response (although I imagine 'a technician is investigating' could mean anything - is he/she actually qualified, or just pressing random buttons hoping for the best?), and I'm actively investigating ponying up for another host ahead of my subscription renewal date. No, I don't want to be paying out twice just because my original choice went from great and uber-reliable to near-useless in a matter of days, but I really don't want any more downtime.

Anyway, stay tuned. I'll tweet any progress. You are following me right?



  • These are the guys I use.

    They're pretty good.

    By Blogger DP, at 11:21 pm  

  • email me if you want to look at alternatives

    By Blogger drnibbles, at 2:22 am  

  • Please don't stop your blog. I read it! Twitter isnt' as good :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:00 am  

  • @Anonymous - see my post from Thursday :) The blog and forums will remain; I'm just experimenting with twitter atm to post rapid updates or off-topic stuff.

    @DP - thanks for the tip. I may take the plunge and check them out. Their live chat actually featured someone who knew what the hell they were talking about ;)

    @drnibbles - thanks for the kind offer.

    By Blogger kgerlinky, at 1:08 pm  

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