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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sugababes - live and in latex!

If the video for their new single didn't elevate your blood pressure enough, here are the, babes, performing live at the Astoria a few nights ago. The audience were treated to a fantastic fetish display: latex dresses, high heels, gloves, and a fabulous pair of lace-up latex trousers on Keisha. Now why couldn't they have made their TV appearances in these outfits? :)

If anyone has any additional shots (or video!) from this event, please drop me a line!

Many thanks to Ben for giving me the heads-up on this performance and linking to the last two pictures.



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  • Soooooooo Awesome! Arigoto!

    By Blogger Me, at 3:43 pm  

  • Wow amazing pictures.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 pm  

  • A video would be nice, but they're incredibly rare from G-A-Y performances. The only one I'm aware of at any level of quality is Madonna.

    Though if you find a video I'd be quite happy to be wrong. :-)

    By Anonymous arafel, at 1:33 am  

  • The babes are wearing latex from the hands of Atsuko Kudo -

    She is so cool!

    By Anonymous 3xL, at 12:55 pm  

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