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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Asia Argento - Latex & Fishnets - By Request

This is a 'by-request' image; though we're not necessarily starting such a 'service', we try to give the readers what they want. Due to this being just one image, however, I'm going to go ahead and post twice today.

This is actually a wallpaper of Asia Argento, and part of the publicity material made available for the Land of the Dead re-envisioning. I very crudely Photoshopped -out- the LotD branding; it was big, red, and distracting. Hopefully the smudge of ugliness that replaced it isn't equally so. However, for completeness, I have provided both images.

The next post, following hopefully very soon, will be a MixBag. See next post for details.

Contributor's Note: It was big, red, and distracting. That's what she said. I'm going to start randomly seeding my text with these, so the first person to notice it and mention it in the comments gets, well, our thanks. Try to add them in with a nice comment, though. We know the pictures are pretty, but remember that we actually describe them for you, as well :)

Editor's Note: What Esthree means is: Comments are good. Don't be shy...

Contributor's Note: I totally just forged the Editor's signature.


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  • Yeah, The Writing is Distracting! Got nothing to do with that sultry look, tiny outfit and beautiful woman in the picture!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:04 pm  

  • Okay, was the a compliment or a criticism? :)

    By Blogger Esthree, at 6:02 am  

  • Just saying that you could drive a mac truck through a photo session with her looking like that and I'm not sure I'd notice!

    But your clean up job looked pretty Good too!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:54 pm  

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