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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Billie Myers - Tell Me video

Many thanks to Antonio, who brought this video to my attention. It's an oldie - relatively speaking - but I think everyone will appreciate the exceptional fetish content within. Catchy tune too!

Download (384x288 - 48MB):




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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Christina Aguilera - icon in high heels

HQ shots have finally surfaced for Christina's Back to Basics album. Regular visitors will know that I'm a fan of her 50s retro look, especially when it means a return to glamour mainstays like stilettos, striking make-up and just sheer femininity.

Thanks to Matze for pointing me to these fine images.

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Shakira - Pure Intuitition (video) update 2

[Updated July 1st 2007 - download moved to different host]

I'm still searching for a HQ non-tagged version of Shakira's fantastic Pure Intuition video, but in the meantime here's another copy from UrMa that should tide us over for a while :)

Download (768x576 - 88.5MB):


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Monday, June 25, 2007

Anne Hathaway - metal corset and long leather gloves

Many thanks to John who sent in these breathtaking images of Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway. Let's hope the lockable corset comes into fashion soon ;)


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Adriana Lima - vision in leather

Here's gorgeous supermodel Adriana Lima in a series of behind-the-scenes images from an advertising shoot. I just love those metal heels!



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