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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Geri Halliwell - corset and briefs

Geri Halliwell may currently be out of the spotlight, but that's no reason not to enjoy her past successes. Here's a nice photoshoot of the woman herself in a corset and heels. Not very tight, I admit, but maybe she can work on that :)


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pink - ballet heels and latex bustier

Many thanks to Sebastian for sending in this image of Pink looking very Elvira-esque. Love those ballet shoes!

This is a promo shot from her U + Ur Hand video.


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Emma Bunton - PVC mini skirt and boots

It's been a while since I've posted a video, so I hope this makes up for the delay.

Here's former Spice Girl Emma Bunton giving a performance of one of her first solo projects, 'What I Am.' I like the black PVC mini skirt and the knee-high boots have a great stiletto heel on them.

Download (480x576 - 77MB):




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Monday, November 27, 2006

Kim Smith - white corset

Supermodel Kim Smith shows her sultry side in this period corset and choker.


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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nadine Coyle (Girls Aloud) - police uniform

There's nothing like a bit of dress-up to perk up your love life, as my favourite Girls Aloud lady Nadine proves in this provocative shot. If the police woman look isn't your thing then take a gander at those fantastic fishnet-clad legs :)


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Friday, November 24, 2006

Charlotte Church in latex - additional image

In addition to being a self-confessed quality nut, I'm also a completist. I've been looking around for more shots from all the posts I've made in the past and managed to find this shot of angelic Charlotte Church in latex. I'll keep you posted if I find any more.

By the way, you can find the other images I've posted from this performance here and here.


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Emma Bunton - corset shot

This brings back memories! Here's a shot of The Spice Girls, back when they were a truly global supergroup. 'Baby' spice was always my favourite, and here she is sporting a smashing corset. I only wish I had some more shots from this event - can anyone help out here?


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MixBag - Jennifer Connelly, Famke Janssen, Eva Green

Welcome to the first-ever KG MixBag.

Sometimes we get images that, while good, don't always deserve a post for themselves. Now, I actually think that these three -break- that idea, but you'll have to be the judge of that as well.

It might be the case that there was no 'set' of images similar to the one posted or found; oddly enough, many sites that house the great photos we find will often not keep the complete magazine article or photoshoot's worth of the images. In other cases, it's just that there was only one photo to begin with.

For example, let's say that the Jennifer Connelly pic below was actually one of several that happened to appear in a magazine. Someone fancies the shot, either in general or for the kink, and decides to put it on the Interwebbernettish. However, they only liked the one picture, even though there were, say, four total. They don't upload them all, so we have to dig around to find what we're looking for.

So, now that the post is long-winded, let me get to the point, and do so quickly. If KG has no issue, I'll start conferencing with him to find out if there situations where we can put up 2-3 images in a MixBag, so the blog can keep rolling. He doesn't seem to have any trouble finding great material, so perhaps it'll be just me :)

On to the goods!

I love all three of these actresses; Jennifer and Famke are simply gorgeous, and these photos don't hide their sex appeal. Eva is fairly new to me via the recently released Casino Royale, but she looks great in this photo.

Jennifer Connelly

Famke Janssen

Eva Green



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Asia Argento - Latex & Fishnets - By Request

This is a 'by-request' image; though we're not necessarily starting such a 'service', we try to give the readers what they want. Due to this being just one image, however, I'm going to go ahead and post twice today.

This is actually a wallpaper of Asia Argento, and part of the publicity material made available for the Land of the Dead re-envisioning. I very crudely Photoshopped -out- the LotD branding; it was big, red, and distracting. Hopefully the smudge of ugliness that replaced it isn't equally so. However, for completeness, I have provided both images.

The next post, following hopefully very soon, will be a MixBag. See next post for details.

Contributor's Note: It was big, red, and distracting. That's what she said. I'm going to start randomly seeding my text with these, so the first person to notice it and mention it in the comments gets, well, our thanks. Try to add them in with a nice comment, though. We know the pictures are pretty, but remember that we actually describe them for you, as well :)

Editor's Note: What Esthree means is: Comments are good. Don't be shy...

Contributor's Note: I totally just forged the Editor's signature.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sugababes - live and in latex!

If the video for their new single didn't elevate your blood pressure enough, here are the, babes, performing live at the Astoria a few nights ago. The audience were treated to a fantastic fetish display: latex dresses, high heels, gloves, and a fabulous pair of lace-up latex trousers on Keisha. Now why couldn't they have made their TV appearances in these outfits? :)

If anyone has any additional shots (or video!) from this event, please drop me a line!

Many thanks to Ben for giving me the heads-up on this performance and linking to the last two pictures.



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Angelina Jolie - Leather Dress - Super Post

Okay, so I've been promising this for some time, and now I am delivering. For fans of Angelina Jolie and Kinky Gerlinky, this might simply be too much.

When Kinky Gerlinky was still young, one of the first posts was of Kate Winslet in a down-right sexy leather dress. Well, I think Angelina Jolie took some inspiration but made something of it that she could call her own; this is a true 'one-up' if I've ever seen such a thing, although I am quite certain that her intentions were nothing more than to look gorgeous and sexy.

She succeeded on, all, ahem, fronts, but didn't forget about her flank. Everything that is visually splendid about this woman is presented here, although it's much more like a present before it has been unwrapped.

So, here's the deal. I've broken down the images into Front, Rear, Special, and Extra Kinky. The categories are somewhat self explanatory, but I'll take the time nonetheless.

Here we go:

Front - There is a beautiful swath of skin being presented here, and the lines of the dress simply make the close-ups all the more sexy.

Rear - Similar in nature, but there are sadly only two here, plus one cropped version (see footnote 1). The first pic focuses on Angelina's graceful back, which isn't difficult to do. Again, the lines of that dress simply hug her curves as they should. Excellent decision, whomever ultimately made it.

Special - Now, some might dismiss these pics as worthless; most of our readers, though, seem to prefer a hint more than a solution. Here, Angelina plays 'Charades' with our fantasies, with the first image providing the smallest 'up-skirt' glimpse (see footnote 2). I provided the second for completeness.

Extra Kinky - There's only one image here, but I believe we can all agree that it's a damn good one. This was an on-set shot from one of the Tomb Raider films, but I do not recall as to which. Sure, she was playing a character, but the look in her eyes, Lara's or Angelina's, your choice, is drop-dead sexy. The riding crop only adds to the overall piece (see footnote 3).

1 - The duplicate but cropped version was provided because I had the urge to do you all a favor and remove that bloke's mug from the image. It's not difficult to focus on Angelina, but his face staring right into the camera, and the expression it carries, is the equivalent of trying to land a squadron of B-52 Stratos in the average suburbanite's backyard without them noticing.

2 - It should be noted that I am not a fan of the act from which the term 'up-skirt' originated; using a camera of any kind to record an image of
highly sensitive nature of an unsuspecting and completely innocent woman is not, by any means, acceptable. This photo, while an opportunistic photo taken at the right time, would likely not irk the woman who is its subject, though in full disclosure, none of us knows this for certain.

3 - Domination does not weigh heavily into my tastes, but two things do, and one of them is expressed here; a woman who is completely feminine in the traditional manner, i.e., 'girly' honey-please-come-throw-out-the-spider-I-just-smashed --- and the compeletely feminine-but-with-a-modern twist gal, who knows the power of her own sexuality. Guess which one is present here. Angelina excels greatly at the latter, and I find that a balance of the two is usually the best.

So, please feel free to tell me what you think, and I'm sorry if anyone was disappointed and was expecting something different.


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