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Friday, June 30, 2006

Kate Winslet - PVC catsuit and platform heels

Here's a shot of the stunning Kate Winslet, back from the days before Titanic made her a household name around the world. Yes, back when she was a budding actress, she was in a film magazine pictorial showcasing various cinematic genres (I believe this was the thriller).

I could be making all this up, of course. After all, it was a long time ago and my memory isn't what it used to be. But still, we're left with a magical image of one of our hottest actresses in a seriously kinky pose. And I love those platform heels!

Regular readers will now how much of a quality whore I am, so apologies for the rather low resolution of this image. If you can source a better copy then please get in touch! My email is kgerlinky [at] googlemail [dot] com.

Before I forget, you can thank Trent for this entry - he insisted that I post this after hearing about it! :)

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rachel Stevens - performance in PVC corset and platform boots

[Update April 17 2007 - video back online, thanks to Tim, Arthur and Phil!]

It's been a while since I posted a video, so hopefully this makes up for it.

This time it's Rachel Stevens who is the subject. She's laced herself into a black PVC corset for this performance and paired it with a nice pair of high-heeled PVC platform boots. This ploy may or may not sell more records, but, gosh, who cares? Look at her! Of course you could complain that the corset isn't laced tight enough, but that's what fantasy time is for :)

I've done the usual thing of posting some captures from the video along with the file itself. You should note that I'm not the author of the video, just the caps. Kudos to the original poster.

By the way, is it sad that I actually know the Vollers product code* for this corset? ;)

Download (704x576 - 95.7MB):

Download Link 1 (Rapidshare)
Download Link 2 (Megaupload)
Download Link 3 (Megaupload)


* It's a 1905u.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Famke Janssen in latex

I must admit it - I find Famke Janssen absolutely irresistible. After a star turn as the kinky Russian villainess Xenia Onatopp in Martin Campbell's superb Goldeneye, she's risen to the heady heights of superstardom. She's kept the comic-book crowd rapt with her performances in all three of the X-Men films (which just seem to get better and better), but has also shown her versatility by acting in thrillers, comedies and even horror.

However, did you know that one of her first roles was as the lingerie-model-turns-superheroine made for TV movie Model By Day? I urge you to get a copy of this if, like me, Famke presses your buttons.

And if that piques your interest, then you aren't going to be disappointed in today's selection of pics! It's full-on latex top and riding crop action :)

Note: I've included a couple of options for one of the shots, as I can't decide which one I prefer.


Nikki Sanderson in corset and boots

Thanks to funkyphil for unearthing these great shots of Nikki Sanderson in an outfit I most approve of. A double-lace corset and some nice black boots...that's just class :)

For those of you who don't recognise Nikki, she's an actress in the UK soap Coronation Street.

All these images are around a megabyte in size by the way. Sorry about the late posting tonight - I have an unhealthy addiction to LocoRoco. Although this game has to be the best reason to own a Sony PSP at the moment, it just won't let me get anything else done!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Victoria Beckham - red corset shoes

After the popularity of the original post, I thought I'd better add these other shots I found of ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham in her favourite corset-style shoes. This time they're in a gorgeous shade of red.

It's hard to believe, but I think they may be even sexier than the black pair.

And one more shot of Victoria in the original shoes that I missed first time through:

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A thank-you

It's time for an entry that has no images, but is nevertheless very important. In the short time since this blog has been online I've had support from many people, and I'd like to acknowledge their vital input.

Firstly, I want to thank Thomas Lierse from Staylace. He was kind enough to offer words of encouragement from the very first, and has been incredibly supportive by posting links back to this site when I've sent him new finds. The LISA (Long Island Staylace Association) site that Mr Lierse runs is the best resource on the Net for corset-related news and images (regular readers will know that corsets drive me wild!) and you should bookmark it and return often. The daily updates and obvious hard work that goes into the Staylace site were - and continue to be - an inspiration.

It would also be remiss not to thank 3xl of lust, love & latex for the kind write-up on one of the most professional (and kinky) rubber sites I've seen. If you're visiting, you should be aware that's it's most definitely not for the vanilla crowd, or the under 18s, but if you have a penchant for rubber and a thirst for the latest news, you need to give this site a visit.

Finally a special thank-you to those who have made the effort to write, either by sending an email or by commenting on individual posts. Thanks to funkyphil, Peter, Trent, john, and the others for keeping my spirits up.

I hope you'll all keep contributing and help make this site even better in the future. And for those of you who have been silent up to now, make your voice heard, even if it's just to say hello!

Now on with the show :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Melissa Joan Hart - additional shots

I found another couple of images of Melissa wearing her lovely red PVC dress. The main batch of pics can still be found here.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Traci Bingham - PVC trousers and sequin braces

The lovely Traci Bingham - former Baywatch beauty and full-time hottie - certainly leaves very little to the imagination in this outfit. Red PVC trousers and just sequins for the rest of this sexy ensemble.

By the way, yes I know that you say 'pants' and 'suspenders' in the US, but this is an English blog and over here they mean something totally different! :)